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2015- Community Health Champions Will Emerge

Hooray 2015!! The New Year is here, and at, we assure you that we will work even harder in 2015 to continue to improve access to vital community health and wellness events and information to every corner of our great nation.

It’s always nice to start the New Year on a positive note, so we were especially pleased to hear from American Hospital Association President and CEO Rich Umbdenstock that hospitals across the nation will be reaching out more than ever to the communities they serve.

As Umbdenstock announced: “We were excited to hear hospitals are responding to the growing health needs of their communities”, “..hospitals serve their patients and communities in addition to providing care inside the hospital. Hospitals are a key partner in building stronger, healthier communities.”

Kudos to the growing number of hospitals for expanding their role beyond the hospital walls. We at applaud any and all health care organizations, public or private, for profit or not-for-profit, all who are stepping up to the plate and becoming true community health champions! Our hats are off to you for your innovation in community health promotion. Now help us help you tell others!

Fulfilling your New Year’s resolution has just been made easy because it’s FREE to post your health events and it’s FREE to become a member- all you need to do is take a few minutes to share your unique community health services and CHNAs with The New Year lies ahead and it’s story has yet to be told, so what will your story be?

A happy and healthy 2015 to you and yours!
-Your Community Health Partners at

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We all have a role to play in elevating the health of our nation, from the individual who gets out to attend a fitness class, to the nurse who performs a blood pressure screening at a health fair, to the CEO of a hospital who decides that NOW is the time to step up, stand apart and do something to improve the health of not just the individual, but the community as a whole.

Working together, we CAN build a healthier nation, so get your healthy message out there and post your health events with us- it’s FREE because we want you to just post it!

And if you represent a healthcare organization actively involved in community health promotion, you may join our growing family of community health promoters by becoming a member today- your first year is free. Your participation on is a new and feel-good avenue to introducing your organization to the tens of thousands of newly-insured Americans yearning for access to quality health care services. As a member, you will also have access to our community health forum where community health advocates come together and discuss everything from specific health needs, to carrying out their very own (and often first) community health needs assessment, to sharing novel ideas on how they are improving health in their communities. was created for the nation we love and are so fortunate to belong to. Working together, we CAN build a healthier nation, so do your part today- post your health events, participate in a health event, and tell others about Your Community Health Connection!